For the Love of Dogs


Dogs are the greatest thing that has happened to this world. We consider them as our companions as they know how to care, comfort, protect, and amaze us. This incredible animal has been an important asset to life and has inspired some truly touching stories. Check ‘em out!

Letters from Wolfie
by Patti Sherlock

It is 1969 durin2807007.jpgg the Vietnam War and you hear the army is in search for scout dogs, so you send the family dog. You are certain you are helping out this “the land of the free” and that your furry little dog will come back for snuggles some day, right? Maybe not-the end of the war is far from sight. Letters from Wolfie is about a thirteen year-old boy, Mark, and his correspondences between his brother and dog oversees. Wolfie is now declared “army equipment” and this is when Mark decides to protest as a way to bring him home. Will Mark bring Wolfie back to America for sweet kisses and belly-rubs? Read to find out!

Laika by Nick Abadzis
Now rewind another twelve years before, inLaika_bookcover1.jpg 1967, when there has yet to be a man on the moon. Space technology is rapidly developing and nations battle for total spaceflight domination. Who will be able to do it successfully AND safely? Well, meet Laika – the first creature (and dog!) launched into space. Laika is the true story, which is told in
the perspective of the dog trainer and scientists who worked closely with this space doggie. It is fictional example of how animals are used in science and is heavily influenced by real events. Not only is the story truly touching, the graphics illustrate the various personalities, helping to transform the story. I am positive this will become you new favorite book.

Daisy to the Rescue: True Stories of Daring Dogs, Paramedic Parrots, and Other Animal Heroes by Jeff Campbell
You already know how awesome dogs are. You are aware that they are extremely affectionate and loyal, which is why we call they a man’s best friend. Butimages-1.jpg there are times when dogs actually save their owner’s life as described in Daisy to the Rescue. These heroic animals have strong bonds with their owner and will do just about anything to make sure they are safe. Why and how can dogs even do that, anyway? This book helped me understand my dogs better as it placed me in the brain of a dog and explains why animals act the way they do. Hopeful and inspiring, you should read this one to learn about human-animal relationships.


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