Endangered Species and the Cold Truth

Various species are becoming extinct, which is largely impacted by human productivity. Factors such as pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change determine how much longer threatened species can continue to exist. It is our responsibility to protect these creatures and we must act fast!


Katrina and the Animals by Tai
Imagine 066bde73983fc92488bd0112adf0d424.jpgthis: you hold a big secret, eleven year-old Amelia, living in a forest, and your family consists of the wild animals that surround you. Because of this, you are a mirror image of humanity and the fate of the world is up to you. Would you—barbaric crazed Amelia—communicate the urgency of the world’s crisis if it meant people would discover who you are? This happens in Katrina and the Animals, but the twist here is that Katrina’s family of trees and bears are trying to solve this problem by killing humanity, which is Katrina. History shows how we have continued to ignore global warming and the author implies that we must take action before it is too late.


The Odyssey of KP2 by Terrie M. Williams
13403048.jpgLet’s talk about seals. There are only 1,000 Hawaiian monk seals left in the world and could potentially become extinct in our lifetime. Terrie William’s The Odyssey of KP2 proposes possible solutions to explain the monk seal’s extinction. The author is a marine biologist and when she was offered the opportunity to treat an abandoned, injured seal pup, it was hard for her to decline. This charming story focuses on the oh-so cute KP2 seal, while demonstrating how marine biologist go about their work with marine animals. Read to find out how to save the monk seal!


Endangering-Animals-Certification-Map.jpgNational Geographic

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