Our Cousin the Primate

We as humans are basically monkeys. They are the closest animal to humans and help to explain the history and science of evolution. Reading these books will transform you into the next Jane Goodall.

evo-and-nature-devolutionFractal Enlightenment

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer
Endangered intertwines the elements of surviving in a jungle and fighting to save the endcb1cea_37b0eae9319d49de9afb5b1a7dba4efeangered primate, bonobos. Sophie, the main character, is unenthused with the idea of visiting Congo where her mother runs a bonobo sanctuary. While visiting, war breaks out and the sanctuary is invaded, forcing Sophie to rescue the bonobos and hide in the jungle. The author does a remarkable job of portraying the emotional bond Sophie and the bonobos share through a sense of community. But she has to make a decision. Would you let animals die to save yourself, or is it more right to risk your life for animals? Your answer might change after reading this book.


Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel
We already know how closely connected primates are to humans. We know the different ways they communicate, but do they have the advanced language skills humans have? That is the question Half Brother explores. Ben has to welcome a new member into the family and this new member is a chimpanzee. Ben’s dad, a behavioral scientist, adopted the chimp as an experiment, images-2but Ben sees it as more than this as the family falls in love with him. The chimp is raised as a human part of the family, but when the experiment falls through, the chimp is ordered back and Ben and his mom do everything they can to keep him. Raising questions dealing with animal experimentation and cruelty, the author perfectly sums up how we animals are most appreciated in their own habitats.

Are you smarter than a chimpanzee? Play along here.


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